bella, bella italia and taking a summer break!

Hello friends, great time for me –  i go on holidays to Italy this weekend! For that reason there will be no posts for the following 10 days. The sea and the mountains are waiting for me and my computer stays at home unnoticed and alone. I will come back with some italian photographs, and i want to show you some. That is for sure! Have a great time.

Ciao a tutti!

hell yes – it`s summer!

i could not believe that passed chilly month was called july……and finally (august!) the weather decided to switch into burning hot summer mode.
me and my friend conny had a great trip to munich this week. while walking around the city, the sun in the back and always in search for the next place selling cool water, we spend two great days in the bavarian capital.
hello summer, it`s great to have you here……

finally on the way to the US!

i am so glad! my little good-times-mix made it into the mail today. that great idea, about a mix tape swap, i found on the blog where the lovely things are. i send that music to Alaina who lives in Pittsburgh / Pennsylvania. i am looking forward to get her music mix soon. What an exciting and lovely idea.
To let you know how my best days should start, listen to Jai Paul. What a hero song!