one week before christmas

December 15th and 16th we organized a last minute christmas shopping market- the OWBC* market. 10 artists met at Nordkurve, a wonderful place to hang out at Nürnberg / Gostenhof to sell their artworks. I sold my jewellery and we had glas designers, paper accessoires, small collages and photographs. Hot wine and good music made it to these special before christmas nights. Thank you all for your visit!

Mein Freund Herr Kai

i love my friend Mister Kai. And i do love the language he speaks with his gerberas, roses and tulips. He is a real magician and everytime i enter his shop i can forget all my sorrows and just – breathe!
You can find his shop here: Tetzelgasse.17 / 90403 Nürnberg