femke agema


Schon lange war mir keine Modedesignerin mehr so sympathisch, wie diese junge Frau hier /// FEMKE AGEMA! Die Geschichte ihrer diesjährigen Kollektion ist so bezaubernd und inspirierend. Im Film erfahrt ihr mehr dazu. Danke, dass es sowas gibt!

I just discovered that likeable and young fashion designer from the Netherlands ///FEMKE AGEMA! The story behind her this year`s collection is so charming and inspiring. The short movie gives you some more information. That you for being like that!

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  1. Tine says:


    • That’s a creative answer to a diuficflt question

    • It’s a pleasure to find someone who can think so clearly

    • Até era uma ideia interessante não fosse o avião requisitado à TAP pelo nortenho ser um modelo antigo!E fartos de antiguidades e oportunistas estão todos os benfiquistas.

    • I’m glad to hear that you had family members like your sister that you enjoyed time with Susan considering all the hell you’ve had from other family members and friends. And thank you for being such a loyal and devoted friend. I had a quiet New Year’s Eve last night, did you do anything?

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