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Samantha Pleet`s  S/S 2013 is a real triumph. I need them all!



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    • Mellie says:

      Your answer lifts the incillegente of the debate.

      • Lore says:

        the game was bad, I said it was a ok, a good game but nothing spcelai. Just like Killzone 3 was an ok game to me but it wasn’t anything special, just another shooter. And lol at the pic.

    • I too love Bonnie’s blog. Am working on my 2nd of her mystery quilts and have never had so much fun. Would love to have an autographed copy of her book.

    • Back in school, I’m doing so much learning.

    • Thanks, yeah that might be possible. Also you can ask local pro players to host some games at forum on You can use english there. Both Stockholm and SkellefteÃ¥ have very good courses in Sweden.

    • victor and daniel,Well, we are all here at UR, aren’t we? I certainly am very skeptical toward any suggestion of conscious scheming, so that makes two of us. You may disagree but you are outvoted.I like the sun-prayer thing, and the suggestion of unconscious cryptopaganism is fascinating – if unprovable. It’s also interesting to note the Soviet tradition of amazing feats performed by small children, a trope I suspect may have deeper roots as well.

    • Nej, det är synd att ingen av Sveriges tvÃ¥ stora halvmaror är sÃ¥ lättlöpta för backarna i Stockholm ser inte mycket ut pÃ¥ pappret men de är luriga, den branta pÃ¥ Kungsholmen och sÃ¥ det lÃ¥nga sega motlutet förbi Tanto, bra kämpat och ett PB är ett PB, alltid!

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    • Jeannie says:

      I’m relaly into it, thanks for this great stuff!

    • Please don't do the Beta Switch or 2.0 Beta or whatever you call it! I know this has nothing to do with this blog entry, but YouTube needs to listen more to the people that use their website! All I ask is that you give us YouTubers an option. Thats it.Thanks.

    • comment ça j'ai pas une vie de princesse ?? c'est ce que me dit mon mec depuis 10 ans !(sinon, ton billet, il est aussi doux que ton écharpe, très très très doux, merci <3 )

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      • Ricky says:

        Carmina Suarez on August 18, 2012 awesome!!real talent right there!wish i could draw like that!anyhow, check out my channel!i show my fashion deogin!thsught you might wanna check it out!were in the same category here. )

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